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Applicable Standards
The use of solar thermal cookers as teaching tools in our schools ​​has the potential to advance the use of this amazing technology in communities everywhere.
For teachers who need to link lessons to Standards, the following documents list applicable Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core Math Standards, Common Core Language Arts Standards, and Ohio Social Studies Standards.
U.S. Standards Met - Middle School
  1. POWERPOINT - Understanding Solar Cooking, History, Application by Solar Sisters
    LEVEL: Intermediate - Adult SOURCE: Mary Buchenic Understanding Solar Cooking, Its History, and Application for Today's World.
  2. EXPERIMENT - Absorption Black and White
    LEVEL: Primary to Intermediate SOURCE: The Solar Sisters' Solar Suitcase Express Simple experiment to help students understand how the color black absorbs light waves and results in increase in temperature.
  3. EXPERIMENT - Colors Effect on Heating by Absorption of Light
    LEVEL: Intermediate SOURCE: Science Buddies Science Buddies web page offers experiment titled How Does Color Affect Heating by Absorption of Light? The goal of this project is to see how the color of an object affects how much heat it absorbs when exposed to incandescent light.
  4. EDUCATION - parabolic design
    LEVEL: Primary to Intermediate SOURCE: Education Services Australia Interactive Simulation for design and alignment of Parabolic Solar Cooker.
  5. EXPERIMENT - Direct and Focus Light
    LEVEL: Primary to Intermediate SOURCE: The Solar Sisters' Solar Express Suitcase Help students understand how focusing light onto a material in a confined space can raise the temperature within that space, especially if the material is a good conductor.
  6. LESSON- The Science Behind Solar Cookers
    LEVEL: Intermediate SOURCE: One Earth Designs Parabolic solar cookers are cooking devices that harvest sunlight, one of the most abundant and sustainable energy sources, to cook. Here we discuss the science and environmental effects of a solar cooker through hands-on activities
  7. VIDEO - Solar Sisters Cook an Egg Souffle in Copenhagen Class Kit
    LEVEL: All Ages SOURCE: The Solar Sisters Copenhagen Kit for the Classroom Once your students have created their Copenhagen solar ovens, try cooking something simple such as this egg souffle. Watch this cute little recipe video to see how!
  8. POWERPOINT - DARE to Cook with Sunshine
    LEVEL: Intermediate - Adult SOURCE: The Solar Sisters Understand process of solar cooking with DARE. Types of solar cookers are introduced with photos and videos. Reasons for solar cooking are discussed. Careers in solar energy are explored.
  9. LESSON - Making a Solar Oven
    LEVEL: Intermediate SOURCE: U.S. Department of Energy Includes basic introduction, simple directions for making and using oven, and reproduceable oven pattern
  10. LESSON: The Sun and its Energy
    LEVEL: Primary and some Intermediate SOURCE: NEED Project Hands-on investigations and language arts activities that introduce primary students to basic concepts of solar energy, and how solar energy can power the water cycle, produce wind, and create heat and electricity. (60 pages - requires supplies.)
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