Member-run projects are an important part of the GDS model. 

Global Solar Education Project

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Working to promote solar cookers as tools for education, wellness, economic empowerment, and ecosystem recovery.
Help students develop their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and other disciplines as well. Look for lesson ideas and oven patterns in the EDUCATION PAGE link.
Solar cooking uses the free and clean energy of concentrated sunlight to cook healthy and nutritious foods. This method of cooking reduces the need for smoky indoor fires for meal preparation thereby also reducing exposure to the smoke particulates that cause health issues in 3 billion people around the world.

Solar cookers produced locally and sold at affordable prices can provide economic benefits to both seller and buyer. Cooking with sunshine reduces the amount of money spent on fuels such as charcoal or propane. Products made in solar cookers can be sold at markets. Such products include coffee, tea, breads, cakes, and a variety of local staples depending on location.

Solar cooking can play a role in the reduction of charcoal use. A reduction in charcoal production means less cutting and processing of trees, lessening of erosion, and degradation of topsoil.

We are committed to education and social enterprise
through various partnerships established in
the United States, Haiti, Kenya and Pakistan.

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Jennifer Gasser & Mary Buchenic
aka The Solar Sisters
Photo Courtesy of Michael Bonke, SunPod

Haitian Sensation Mission Project

Coffee for a Cause
at Haitian Sensation Restaurant in Sharon, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Our mission is to inspire and enable the Haitian population to develop a productive future, to help protect their basic human rights on their journey toward making a positive difference in their country's destiny. Money raised through coffee sales and additional fund raisers support the mission in Pelerin, Haiti.

Joseph Altenor

Pelerin Learning Center
Creating a learning center at Eglise bon Berger de Pelerin church in Pelerin, Haiti is the long term goal of Joseph Altenor. For the past three years, his team of volunteers has worked to improve the church and to construct a center adjacent to the church where children and adults can come to learn trade and academic skills that will empower them to improve their lives and bring renewed hope to their community. 
Solar Cooking in Pelerin
Haitian Sensation Mission & Global Development Solutions  have partnered to bring solar cooking to Pelerin as a means to more efficiently feed the children of the community and as an engineering and manufacturing skill that can be taught at the Pelerin Learning Center.

Hubbard Farmers Market Project 

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Executive Directors
DJ Dripps and Alex Ahren
A healthy food option is a
global development solution.
Bringing the Farm to You
Locally sourced and fresh - that's what Hubbard Farmers Market strives to provide. Healthy food options benefit individuals and the community as a whole.